2 weeks with clarins v shaping facial lift serum

by Haida YusofJuly 8, 2019

As someone currently entering the golden age of her 30s , all the horror stories about skin elasticity, progression of the aging process is something that becomes too familiar of a reality. Beauty is fleeting, and everybody’s somewhat chasing the pipedream of having the ideal ‘Instagram Face’ without anything invasive are left with very minimal, less-invasive options to secure as much form and structure of what’s left from their youth.

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The stunning Halle Berry, at 52

As someone who looks up to faces like Diane Lane, Halle Berry , Isabella Rossellini and am trying  (struggling!) to embrace a progressive stance about ageism, I am left with less than desirable options to maintain and perserve the best of my collagen strains. Love it or hate it, aging is a taboo subject in the realms of beauty, with what’s considered to be ideal is almost unrealistic to secure by having thousand-dollar procedures and prick and prod areas of your skin with less than desired long-term results. With these little options that are available for me, and seeking ‘miracle’ creams that could help to retain this face for as long as I can, how can we trust a cylinder tube of serum to do the job?

My common problem areas are reflected around the cheeks, particularly the early stage appearance of the jowl. Within my family, age dont show its form until we reach in our late 50s (thanks to my late mom and genes from my grandma) but while I was endowed with high cheekbones and enough babyfat to make security think I need to procure an ID before I can step into a bar, the significant droopy cheeks are hard to get rid off. I did a few consultations with cosmetic doctors to see what other non-surgical solutions I can get rid the problem, most implored the most invasive approach available in the book. My options are limited to dermal fillers which will be very expensive and requires you to come back every 4 months as an instant fix to the issue, or the latest YouTube beauty fad ‘mewing’ which requires you to do jaw exercises up to almost a year to get the desired, natural result (who has the dedication??!!) and the most sought after, yet extremely invasive approach, the buccal fat removal which costs quite the bombshell but promises pleasing results after.

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Dermal fillers to fix jowls

So when the new Clarins  V Shaping Facial Lift ended on my lap, I was keen to review it. The remarks online have been nothing but spectacular and while of course you can’t expect to have seen a visually obvious result with the shaved cheeks/chin method; the product is promised to provide the essential ‘lifting’ mechanism needed to boost the elasticity of the skin. It smells wonderful, in the expensive-skincare-product sort of way, and my skin absorps in wonderfully without any reaction that I would expect with contouring/tightening serums I have tried before. So, off with a good start, I applied the serum in two pumps (just two!) of cream quantity and followed the ideal instructions on applying onto my face.

It takes less than 10 minutes of your morning cleansing routine and bedtime skincare routine to apply this method and it offers a time where I can therapeutically just take my time to pamper my skin, unlike the cumbersome 17-step routine that required of the rigorous Korean skincare regime!

Frequently doing this every night for about 2 weeks was nothing of a chore, and soon enough i began to see significant results from the application. check the before and after below.

You can see that without the manipulation of the angle of my face in this pic, there is a slight change of the shape of my face in the photo. Rest assured there are no photoshop work or beauty 360 tool applied to make this photo appear to look as what it is. There IS a smoother definition of the contour of my face compared to the previous photo of which you can obviously see how droopy the face structure is like. It definitely minimizes the swollenness I have on my cheeks and smoothens the shape of my face.

While you can’t expect to see your face chiselled dramatically, you cant disprove the fact that the potency of the product in delivering its promises.  At about RM330 for a vial that would help shape your face without any harmful side effects (that I know of) and long-term damage to your skin, I think its quite a steal to begin with.