about; error digital.com

errordigital.com is a medium of discussion, ideas and an outlet for today’s youth.
Formerly known as thelist-mag.com, errordigital.com as an extension from the beliefs and creative values of The List Magazine and centers its manifesto along the demands of the rebellious yet fashion-conscious youths based in Malaysia to South East Asia and beyond.

“Spearheading the youthquake
movement and the voice of the millennials
in fashion,culture,arts and ideas.”

It is an exploration of good taste and the platform for millennials and those young at heart to celebrate their individuality through fashion, art and beauty and thoughts that put them above the rest. Why errordigital.com? It is a proclamation and artistic appropriation of imperfectionism; where we put ‘creative misfits’ as the mobilizers of style and offer unique individual perspective, giving a ‘voice’ to the misrepresented. errordigital.com converses fashion and art via the creation of taste and serves as an incubation medium for young talents to explore their creativity that echoes to the global perspectives. Be it high fashion or to the streets, these able-bodied young ones are inevitably the movers and shakers of what the future of the fashion is all about.