error’s interview: indie-pop band, lost.spaces on their upbeat take on millennial’s love songs & more.

by Team ErrorJuly 7, 2019

It has been quite a ride for our own indie-pop band, lost.spaces. What started as a cathartic escape for Sam Lopez (vocalist & guitarist) to express his thoughts and feelings, the band has evolved creatively in a span of two young years. Through their upbeat take on melodramatic millennial’s love songs, the band has 8 playlist-worthy singles so far, including major gigs as supporting act for some of the well-known indie bands like HYUKOH and Phum Viphurit. and trust me, with them, the only way is nowhere but up!

With their new singles,, dropped earlier this week and Good Vibes performance coming up, we sat down with Sam and Koon at their studio to talk about the band’s music, future plans and their preparation for the upcoming Good Vibes 2019 Festival.

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1.If you have to describe lost.spaces in three words, what would it be?

– Sam: “If it’s just based on me, it’s definitely fun, quirky and insightful. In the end of the day, lost.spaces is my baby, in a sense that the context of the songs and the stories were all from my personal experiences. We try to shoehorn certain observation of love in our music. Yes, we’re singing about love but in a realistic, pessimistic take, is love even real? – kind of thing.”

from left to right: kyle (drummer), koon (keyboardist&producer), sam (vocalist&guitarist), shien (guitarist), imran (bassist)

2. Having influenced by the likes of HalfNoise, Seoul, The 1975 , how’s songwriting process for you guys like?

– Koon: “In terms of influencing, these guys influenced us initially more than right now. We try not to have too many influences now when it comes to songwriting process. I think it’s a lot more self-preferential where we kinda go back to songs we did before and continue the narrative. Reusing certain sound and melodies”

– Sam: “For the songwriting process itself , it has always been me, the chief and Koon. The three of us write majority of the record. Yeah, we have other members but for me personally, having less people in the room quicken the process. I think what we’re after when we started writing properly last year is we want to be as efficient as possible. We would write the songs and let the other members track the stuff.”

3. Two years in the making, what is the biggest obstacle you have encountered so far in your journey as a band?

– Sam: “We have had disagreement for sure! haha but it was all creative, nothing major. I have to say we had it a bit easier, simply because we have good mentors such as our label, Breaking Music and the guys from Paperplane Pursuit. These guys have done it long enough and we kinda learn a lot from that. For me, the obstacle is definitely the beginning where everyone was unsure of where this thing would go. Scheduling was always a problem in the beginning as well. Other than that, definitely fundings to put out new projects or singles, but again, it off sets because we have a good support system. I’m very thankful to our team, both the band and our label.”

4. One random fact about each member, go!

– Sam: “Koon is a super huge fan of anime and manga. His favourite is Fullmetal Alchemist!. Imran, our bassist, is a huge kpop fan hahaha. We let him play his kpop songs in the van too! Our guitarist, Shien, is the ultimate cat person and animal lover”

-Koon: “and he makes a great husband too”

-Sam: “Our drummer, Kyle, is a huge Liverpool fan and he can’t stand spicy food for an Indian kid! hahah. Mine is a bit weird tho. I was so obsessed with Lord of The Rings to the point where I read the novel 3 times using dictionary when I was 12 just so I could understand it!”

5. This year you guys released Discohaze together with malaysian nu-soul musician, JAIE, tell me how the collab came about?

-Sam: “The collab happened online. Me and her are friends on soundcloud since 2016 and even played a gig together. She was supposed to produce our first ever single, fake.guitar, that was before we were signed with Breaking Music. When I approached her ,she got to work right away and sent us a demo. We heard the hook and went “we got a song!”. After that, we took the demo to the studio and started working on it. When she came back from US for holiday, we polished it up and finished the composition together.”

-Sam: “The collab was also an exploration of different genres for both of us. We never went into RnB, disco-ish kinda songs while she hadn’t really done upbeat songs before this.”

6. Anyone else in both local & international music industry you want to collaborate with?

– Sam: “For me, at the top of my list right now is actually Mura Masa. I’m so stocked to meet him at Good Vibes. I think it’s mainly because he had this whole bedroom producer going on before and to see him evolved to be an amazing artist that he is now it’s!”

-Koon: “Hmm, I havent really thought about it actually. It’d be quite interesting to be able to do something with guys like Honne that could represent more electronic side of sound, in which we can explore.”

-Sam: “Working with a rapper would be quite interesting too.”

7.You guys have more than 130k monthly listeners on spotify to date as well as Good Vibes in July. What’s next for lost.spaces for the upcoming months, full length album maybe?

-Sam: “We will be releasing our full length album on 9th August with 14 tracks, titled ‘No Vacancy’. It brings all the songs we have released so far into a collection, along with additional 6 to 7 new tracks. The album sort of tells the story of my pessimism towards love and realistic take on what I think love has become, whether it’s via online dating or just millennial’s way of dating in general. It will take the listeners on a journey, from being conflicted about Love to find Love itself.”

-Sam: “We would also have two music videos coming up after the album!”

-Koon: “And we are thinking to do some remixes as well.”

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“We try to shoehorn certain observation of love in our music. Yes, we’re singing about love but in a realistic, pessimistic take, is love even real? – kind of thing”

8. Your favourite track to perform and why?

– Koon: “I’d say soft.tides. I think it’s different compare to all of our songs right now. The vibe is perfect and we get to relax with the song. I dont know how to describe it but it hits the right spot for me.”

– Sam: “For me it’s a mix of that and boxset.girlfriend. To me, boxset.girlfriend is like my character being flashed out in a song, where I get to go on stage and play a part, which is “me”! I feel like I immersed myself and the listeners into my world”

9. Apart from your own performance, who are you most excited to see perform at Good Vibes? 

– Koon: “Personally for me, among others I’m looking forward to see Dean, Daniel Caesar, San Holo and Yaeji. I’ve been a big fan of these artists. They bring different feel and vibe when they perform and I can’t wait to experience that.”

-Sam: ” It’s definitely Mura Masa! and I’ve also been listening to a lot of Yaeji lately. Another one would be Nothing But Thieves, I’ve been a fan of them. And of course our friends, Allester Shaun, Midnight Music, it’s gonna be fun!”

10. Last but not least, What fans can expect from your coming Good Vibes performance ?

– Sam: “We’re gonna play a bunch of songs from the new album as well as our released tracks. Also this time, we would have bigger stage production where there’ll be bunch of visuals and a bit of choreography. So, it’s definitely gonna be interesting!”

Listen to their new single, here!

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instagram: @lost.spaces

facebook: @lostspacesband

Catch lost.spaces live at Good Vibes Festival this coming 20th – 21th July!