see the pictures from kongsi kl’s beautiful piece ‘dances in ruins’

by Team ErrorJuly 16, 2017

Kongsi KL debuted a performance art titled “Dances in Ruins” last Thursday at Gudang Yeeseng II in Old Klang Road. The contemporary masterpiece was directed by Loke Soh Kim, a former dancer of the Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company and Singapore People’s Association Dance Company. The performance featured four talented dancers, Lee Ren Xin, Hoi Cheng Sim, Lim Pei Ern and JS Wong, alongside violinist, Ern Ee Leong, showcasing a combination of contemporary and ruinous movements which imply the title of the dance itself. Held at an abandoned warehouse with no stage design nor electricity, the dancers use the place’s original condition and its rawness to express the message and the mixed emotions. The collaboration also involved Leng and Lagenda as its costume designers

Kongsi KL is a project supported by EXSIM in a spirit of sharing space, talent and resources to support local performance arts.

 Keep an eye for more to come from Kongsi KL!

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