skii spotlights their #changedestiny campaign on marriage pressures on chinese women

by Haida YusofMarch 13, 2019

For most, Chinese New Year signifies a period of festivities where the family come together to usher in the new year and celebrate new beginnings. This fails to be the case for a rising number of single Chinese women, who face immense marriage pressure from their parents. In a society where marriage is seen as a women’s greatest achievement, failing to meet these expectations leaves the women struggling to deal with the disappointment of their parents yet unwilling to deal with repetitive questions related to marriage. They avoid returning home, further creating distance between them and their parents.

The latest film installment of SK-II’s award-winning #changedestiny initiative, “Meet Me Halfway”, follows the journey of three young single Chinese women voicing their views on this. They gather the courage to open up about their lives, dreams and aspirations to their parents alongside the pressure they’ve been facing to fulfil their “duty” to get married. Through the idea of meeting halfway, both figuratively and literally, SK-II has hopes  to provide a platform where mutual understanding can be achieved to empower women to make a choice on their own. Check out the vid below and standby your kleenexes!