under armour presents latest running apparel & shoe collection

by Team ErrorAugust 8, 2018

Under Armour recently introduced their three latest running apparel and shoe collection called Microthread Swyft, Speedpocket and HOVR Fall Winter 2018. Known for its originator of performance footwear, apparel and equipment, the new collections are designed and specialized to make all athletes’ performance better.

Under Armour Microthread Swyft

The new Under Armour Microthread Swyft aims to create the ultimate distraction free running gear, with Under Armour Swyft’s ability to dry incredibly fast, won’t cling, stretches more, and feels like you’re wearing nothing all! Thanks to the Microthread technology behind the collection, the apparel is best suitable for a high-intensity workout. The Under Armour Swyft is made available for both men and women where they both available at Under Armour brand houses and online store.

Under Armour Speedpocket

Meanwhile, Under Armour Speedpocket allows you to keep your things in your pocket without any worry! The Under Armour Speedpocket collection is fitted next-to-skin without the squeeze. The waistband pocket is water-resistant which allows you to keep your phone secure without bouncing when you’re on the go. With the wide knit waistband, you will find just a perfect comfort fit. 

Under Armour HOVR

Gravity holds you down, Under Armour HOVR lifts you up. Whether you are a runner, sprinter or jogger, Under Armour HOVR has it for you. Under Armour HOVR is a cushioning platform, engineered to provide the ideal combination of cushioning and energy return, all without compromise. The HOVR midsole is made of a proprietary foam compound in partnership with leading innovators Dow Chemical, providing a super-soft durometer with incredible cushioning and shock absorption with every single foot strike. Under Armour HOVR has the combination of cushioning, energy return and longevity which caters to all runners. 

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by Erin Sam